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At Chiropractic-Li Yours, we are dedicated in bringing our patients to their maximum level of health. We concentrate on preventive care by using conservative approach, as well as providing education about health care within our scope of practice. We provide holistic and conservative approach where we address each individual by working to improve their health and enable the body to heal itself. We use homeopathy, nutrition, enzymes, accupuncture, applied kinesiology and others to provide you with good structural, nutritional, and emotional (stress) health for the body to be healthy.

The more you understand about health, the easier it is to become healthy and stay healthy. Return to us often because we are always adding information for you. Click on the Wellness Minute Video to watch a five minute health topic. Each week has a different topic. If you wish to receive our FREE weekly Wellness Minute Video, sign up with your e-mail address. Try our health assessment survey by clicking the appropriate button after signing up the Wellness Minute.

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Dr. Melissa Li
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