At Chiropractic-Li Yours, we are dedicated in bringing our patients to their maximum level of health. We concentrate on preventive care by using conservative approach, as well as providing education about health care within our scope of practice. We provide holistic and conservative approach where we address each individual by working to improve their health and enable the body to heal itself. There must be good structural, nutritional, and emotional (stress) health components present for the body to be healthy.

What is good health?

The core toward good health includes proper diet, proper structural alignment and emotional well-being. If these are disrupted, your health will start to decline and as they continue to decline, enzymes function is affected. Eating sugar and carbohydrate will burden the digestive system as there is not enough enzyme production to fully digest the food. The undigested food will irritate the small intestine lining which further damage the digestion system. These results reduced absorption of vitamins and minerals, overgrowth of yeast that release toxins and reduction of pancreas and insulin production. Damages from free radicals and not eating enough antioxidant nutrients can damage cells and harm the activity of the enzymes. As these situations continue, the adrenal glands are stressed; pancreas and other hormones function and other organs and the nervous and immune systems go into decline. The physiologic performance is affected and the patients will not "feel right" but still nothing that can be diagnosed. Signs and symptoms develop such as fatigue, insomnia, depression, frequent colds, PMS, ADD/ADHD, chronic pains, headaches and many others.

We work at the core of the issue, treating the patient and NOT the disease. We look at your health in an organized manner by finding and eliminating the things that undermine your health without any side effects.

Wellness Care

Wellness care means treating the whole person. There are three major components that are addressed when treating the person: structure, chemical and mental (or spiritual). This is holistic health care.

Structure: Tight muscles, tight fascia, distortion and weakness can all affect general health. The nervous system is affected by the musculoskeletal system. Example is tight muscles can cause fatigue. Your body doesn't know the difference between a muscle that is working and that is in spasm. Keeping a muscle tight requires energy. Keeping a proper balance in the spine, muscles and other structures of the body is important for good health. Good structural balance is an integral part of wellness care.

Chemical: A more natural way to balance the body's chemistry is use of nutritional remedies, enzymes and proper diet. Everything the body does involve a chemical reaction. Digestion, pain, movement, signals from the nervous system, energy production and even thought required chemical reactions. Food, vitamins and minerals provide the body with the raw materials for these chemical reactions. Poor nutrition, digestion and absorption of food can create chemical imbalances and even disease. With proper use of vitamins, minerals and other remedies we can balance the body's chemistry to restore health and prevent disease.

Mental (or Spiritual): Your mind can contribute to illness or to health. Mental stress creates hormonal changes, affects the immune system, uses up vitamins and cause minerals to be excreted. Stress increases blood pressure, heart rate and slows down healing. Positive thinking and visualizing can help toward healing.

Good Health is more than just not being sick. Health is the optimal functioning of ALL organs and systems of the body. It is attained by balancing the body's structure, chemistry and mental health. We are here to help you identify and improve ALL of areas of that.

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